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The American Roentgen Ray Society handles all requests to reproduce material from the ARRS/AJR. For your convenience, an online form for applying for publications permissions is provided below. NOTE: ARRS has revised its intellectual property policy for AJR authors beginning with the June 2016 issue. All authors of articles published in June 2016 and beyond will automatically be granted permission for reuse of figures, tables, and related captions. Authors will simply be required to document the reuse with proper credit including the article title, authors’ names, the American Journal of Roentgenology title, volume number, issue number, page range, and copyright year. The license does not allow authors the ability to reuse text. For works published before the June 2016 issues, AJR authors must obtain formal written permission from ARRS to reuse all content from the articles.

Please ensure that you include the full reference of the material you want to use (journal or book name, year of publication, volume and issue numbers, author, file of article, figure numbers where appropriate, etc.). We also require a detailed overview of how you intend to use the material (i.e., in a book, etc.) and when.

ATTENTION: The current turnaround time for processing permission requests is 3-4 weeks after receipt. Responses are generally emailed. If rush processing is required (3-9 days), please note "RUSH REQUESTED" in the "Additional Information" box and include the $100 rush processing fee with your payment.

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Requestor Information

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Please provide us with detailed information on the material you want to use

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Please tell us about how you will use the material

Shorts leisure Boutique Denim Paige leisure Boutique YqBXZ6 Shorts leisure Boutique Denim Paige leisure Boutique YqBXZ6
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